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Arranged for choirs by Larry Nickel

"Vancouver composer, Dr. Larry Nickel, brings a wealth of choral experience to these arrangements. The music is highly accessible to community and youth choirs."


LIGHT THE FLAME by Joanna Schwarz

If we live the dream and feel the passion, we can touch the world. In a journey that takes us to the heart, Light the Flame is about becoming all we were meant to be.


When it comes down to the basics, we all laugh, we all cry; we share in sorrows and celebrate new birth. Like so many experiences, “love needs no language to be understood.” This uplifting song celebrates our commonalities.

MIRACLE AT PLAY by Joanna Schwarz

Thoughts of a garden, a mystery and new life in the spring combine to create a sense of the sacred.
The chorus of Miracle at Play is a joyful affirmation that “somewhere deep inside a rhythm flows”.

MOUNTAIN, SEA AND SKY by Joanna Schwarz

Where “the river sings to the dawn” and “eagles shake the sleep from their wings,”
Mountain, Sea and Sky captures the poetry of the land. Along Howe Sound to Squamish
and Brackendale; from Shannon Falls to the Chief and Mt. Garibaldi, the landscape
weaves its way throughout the song.

TO BE A WINDOW  Joanna Schwarz and John W. Oldham.  

This is the first song I wrote with Lyricist, John W. Oldham of Winnipeg. His friend, Fred, was bravely living out his last days. John incorporated the words from one of their conversations into a poem which I set to music. Fred felt blessed by the song. Soon after, his wife sang it at the Celebration of Life service for her husband.


The words to this song - written by Joanna’s Aunt, Mavis Todd - have a beauty all their
own. Combined with the evocative melody that captures the wonder of the season.

All music Copyright Joanna Schwarz and/or lyricist and/or arranger.